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        外研版中考英語七下 Modules 5-8復習課件

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        外研版中考英語七下 Modules 5-8復習課件
        6. be good at 擅長 ◆Chinese people are very good at gymnastics. 中國人很擅長體操。 ①Being good _______ getting on well with the kids is fine. A. for B. to C. at D. of ②Doing eye exercises is ______ ______ (對……有利)our eyes. ③Lang Lang is good at playing the piano. (改為同義句) Lang Lang ______ ______ ______ playing the piano. 【自主歸納】be good at/for/to/with的用法 (1)be good ___ 意為“擅長……”,后接名詞、代詞或v. -ing。 (2)be good ____ 意為 “對……有好處”。 (3)be good ___ 意為“對……友好”。 (4)be good with意為“擅長;與……相處得好”。 答案:①C ②good for ③does well in at for to 7. What’s the population of Shanghai? 上海有多少人口? ①(2012·隨州中考)The world’s population is growing _______, and there is _______ land and water for growing rice. A. larger; less B. larger; fewer C. more; less D. more; fewer ②About seventy percent of the population in China _______ farmers. A. is B. are C. be D. has ③How many people are there in your city? (改為同義句) ______ ______ ______ ______ your city? 【自主歸納】population的用法 (1)population常與定冠詞the連用, 作主語時, 謂語動詞常用 _____ (單數/復數)形式。 (2)當主語是表示“人口的百分之幾、幾分之幾”時, 謂語動詞用 _____ (單數/復數)形式。 單數 復數 (3)有時population可用作可數名詞, 其前可用不定冠詞,構成a population of. . . 。 (4)表示人口的“多”或“少”,不用much或little,而要用________ 或_____。 (5)詢問某國、某地有多少人口時,用how many people are there in. . . ? /How large is the population of. . . ? / _______ the population of. . . ? 答案:①A ②B ③What’s the population of large/big small What’s 【判斷搶答】判斷下面句子翻譯正誤 你們家鄉的人口有多少? ①How much is the population of your hometown? () ②What is the population of your hometown? ( ) × √ Ⅰ. 根據句意及首字母或漢語提示完成單詞 1. (2011·廣州中考)Listen carefully and a _______ my question. 2. (2011·桂林中考)She was b _______ in a beautiful village near the Lijiang River in 1995. 3. (2011·銅仁中考)It is the harvest time. The farmers are b _______ getting in the crops. 答案:1. answer 2. born 3. busy 4. (2011·濟寧中考)The Smiths go to _______ (教堂) every Sunday morning. 5. (2012·恩施中考)The children didn’t go to bed u _______ their mother came back. 6. (2012· 湖州中考)The subways in Shanghai are often very c_______ on weekends. Sometimes you can hardly move yourselves. 7. (2011·湖州中考)Lang Lang is a very _______ (著名的) pianist. 答案: 4. church 5. until 6. crowded 7. famous 8. (2011· 烏魯木齊中考)There is too much noise in the classroom. Please speak more _______ (大聲地). 9. (2012·棗莊中考)You can be in our school _______ (音樂)festival. 10. (2011·杭州中考)Susan was born in a v _______ but she works in the city now. 答案: 8. loudly 9. music 10. village 11. (2011·日照中考)Thousands of v _______ come to our city for sightseeing every year. 12. (2012·恩施中考)Now parents are _______ (花費) more and more money on their children’s education. 答案: 11. visitors 12. spending Ⅱ. 用所給詞的適當形式填空 1. (2011·遵義中考)Windy does _______ (badly) in P. E. than me. 2. (2011·宿遷中考)Beijing is one of _______ (beautiful) places in China, and I have been there twice. 3. (2011·無錫中考)The Women’s World Cup _______ (not begin) until 1991 when China hosted it in Guangzhou. 答案:1. worse 2. the most beautiful 3. didn’t begin 4. (2012·濱州中考)Mr Zhang _______ (teach)us English three years ago. 5. (2011·黔南中考)I think it is _______ (danger) for children to be close to wild animals. 6. (2012·恩施中考)The lecture was so _______ (bore) that some people fell asleep while listening. 7. (2011·攀枝花中考)He is one of the great _______ (science) in the world. 答案:4. taught 5. dangerous 6. boring 7. scientists 8. (2012·貴陽中考)“When is Mother’s Day? ”“It’s on the _______ (two) Sunday in May every year. ” 9. (2011·臨沂中考)As we know, Zhang Jiajie is famous for the different _______ (shape) of mountains. 10. (2011·欽州中考)It was raining hard, so it _______ (take) them three hours to get to the place. 11. (2011·臨沂中考)My neighbor Helen never talks to me. She is so _______ (friendly). 答案:8. second 9. shapes 10. took 11. unfriendly Ⅲ. 單項選擇 1. (2012·銅仁中考)The weather in Guiyang in summer is _______ than that in Tongren. They’re different. A. cool B. much cooler C. hot D. much hotter 【解析】選B。根據than選用比較級可排除A和C項,根據常識可知“貴陽的天氣比銅仁的要涼快”。 2. (2012·臨沂中考)English is my favorite subject, and I am good _______ it. A. for B. to C. at D. of 【解析】選C?疾楣潭ǘ陶Z。句意:英語是我最喜愛的學科,并且我很擅長它。be good at. . . 擅長……。 3. (2012·江西中考)My dog is very _______. It is safe to touch him if you want to. A. smart B. brave C. happy D. friendly 【解析】選D?疾樾稳菰~辨析。smart“聰明的”;brave“勇敢的”;happy“高興的”;friendly“友好的”。根據后半句句意“如果你想要摸它是安全的”可知我的狗非常友好。故選D。 4. (2012·永州中考)My father _______ one hundred thousand yuan on his new car. A. spent B. cost C. paid 【解析】選A?疾樵~義辨析。句意:我爸爸花了10萬元買了輛新車。spent. . . on sth. 在某物上花費……;cost應該用物作主語;pay. . . for. . . 買……花了……。由句意可知,
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